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Remember the viral Texts From Hillary meme? It all started when the nation's imagination and sense of humor was sparked by a photo of the secretary of state dialing her cellphone, so the Huffington Post is hoping to create the same momentum around this recent similar shot of the first lady by Associated Press photographer Skip Peterson.

HuffPost wants your creative ideas about who Michelle Obama is texting and what she's saying. We're not sure if the first lady version of this game is going to work quite as well. (Maybe it's that she's missing Clinton's sunglasses, so the effect isn't the same? Or perhaps we're just a little nervous about putting her out there for the inevitable Twitter-style ignorance and racism.) But go ahead and give it a try anyway, using the #TextsFromFLOTUS hashtag.

Here are a few that made us chuckle:

#TextsFromFLOTUS Hey Hill, Barack just lowered interest rates on student loan debt, holla!

#textsfromflotus "You need to talk to Boehner, he keeps drunk-dialing me"

#TextsFromFLOTUS A friend request from Ann Romney? Deny.

"beyonce, when r u getting here? party's already started! also, can u stop 4 more ice??" #textsfromflotus


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