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After an investigation, Houston police have determined that a Texas 13-year-old’s story about being abducted and attacked by a group of five white men, who further threatened him, is not true.

According to ABC 13, authorities found no evidence to support the claims made by 13-year-old Zavion Parker.


Last month, the story sent police on an investigation after Zavion returned home late from school with his clothes torn and wearing no shoes. His mother, Michelle Lee, had called the police to report him missing, noting that she had received threatening messages coming from his cellphone.

Zavion told police that shortly after he got off the school bus, five white teenage boys approached him and forced him into a four-door red truck with flames on the side. The person driving was another white man with straight orange hair and a racially charged tattoo on his arm, Zavon detailed.

Zavion said that he was taken to an abandoned building where he was attacked and stripped of his jacket, shoes, phone and keys. He said he was ultimately able to escape when the men went to another room to load a gun.


At the time, his mom told ABC 13 that she believed her son had been attacked because of his race.

But as it turns out, apparently none of that happened. The Houston Police Department insists that the incident did not take place, adding that the abandoned building Zavion described had nothing to do with any crime. Authorities were further insistent that there were no white supremacists in the neighborhood running around attacking children.


Investigators met with Lee as well as with community activists and reported their findings. The Police Department said that it will not be filing charges against anyone involved in what, at this point, is technically a false report.


The news station reached out to Lee, but she declined to comment further.