Texas Sen. John Cornyn: Why Do We Keep Treating Migrants Like Humans?

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Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn is known for saying insensitive, racist-y, fucked up statements.


He blamed the insurrection on the Capitol on “lax security,” called then-President Trump’s second impeachment “awfully vindictive,” “completely unnecessary” and “ill-advised,” and doesn’t believe that there is systemic racism.

But his comments Monday might take the cake—all of the cakes: the racist cakes, the insensitive cakes, all of ’em—after he tweeted that instead of stopping illegal immigration, President Joe Biden has “emphasized the humane treatment of immigrants, regardless of their legal status.”

Cornyn then used former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama as foils to Biden’s humane treatment, claiming that they clamped down on illegal immigration while Biden “incentivizes” it.

Many tweeters wondered if they were reading Cornyn’s statement correctly.

“Republican is upset that the president treats people humanely,” said MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin.


Cornyn then said some other shit, but fuck this guy. I mean, seriously, do you give a shit what Cornyn’s got to say? I can prove it.

Tell me which one of these quotes is an actual John Cornyn quote:

“Charles Barkley is my favorite Black guy. Hands down. Love me some Charles Barkley.”


“Obamacare would be a great medical alternative if it didn’t have Obama’s name on it. I mean come on! Am I right?”

“Colin Kaepernick would have saved more slaves if only they knew they were slaves.”


Ready for the answer?

None of these are John Cornyn quotes but they could be and that’s my point. The guy is a fucking machine of stupidity.


So who cares what he says, really?



The problem is Cornyn’s statement doesn’t immediately mark him as an unacceptable person. The problem is the incredibly large percentage of the American public who agree with him.