Texas Police Defend DUI Arrest of Black Man Who Passed Sobriety Test

Screenshot of police dashcam taken from the Austin American-Statesman

Texas police are not backing down or apologizing for arresting a man for drunken driving, even though his Breathalyzer result showed no hint of intoxication, the Raw Story reports.

Larry Davis was arrested Jan. 13 after he ran a stop sign, the news site notes. Davis—who, officers on the scene said, appeared to be drunk—defended himself, saying that he only had one drink. He even volunteered to give a blood sample after testing 0.00 on the Breathalyzer. He ended up spending a day in jail.


His blood-test results are now in, and those are also negative. Now Davis is attempting to clear his name and arrest record, which, along with being costly, could take months.

The supervisor of the officer who arrested Davis, however, is shrugging it off, citing public safety. "If there is someone who is possibly impaired, we don't want them driving," said Cmdr. David Mahoney of the Austin Police Department. "We need to get them off the road, so that was probably [the officer's] mindset."


Still, as the Raw Story notes, Travis County, where the arrest occurred, is known for having one of the highest percentages of DUI-case dismissals in Texas, with aggressive enforcement causing 30 percent of cases to be shelved.

Indeed, Davis had his case dismissed last week, and Travis County footed his legal bill. "I was arrested for nothing, really," Davis said. "It was suspicion of drunk driving, which I wasn't, so I was surprised and hurt at the same time."


Read more at the Raw Story.

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