Texas Motorist With Profane Anti-Trump Sticker on Truck Adds Local Sheriff to Display After Being Arrested on Outstanding Warrant

KPRC Click2Houston screenshot
KPRC Click2Houston screenshot

I aspire to be this petty in my life. Honestly and truly.

The Texas motorist who was arrested on an outstanding warrant coincidentally after drawing the attention of the local sheriff’s office for the unrelated “Fuck Trump and Fuck You for Voting for Him” sticker that was emblazoned on the rear window of her truck has now decided to up her ante.


Karen Fonseca, 46, added a new sticker to the back of her truck, one that quips, “Fuck Troy Nehls and Fuck You for Voting For Him.”

The new addition, which references Fort Bend, Texas, County Sheriff Troy Nehls, comes after Fonseca was arrested on a fraud charge Thursday and had her bail set at $1,500. According to KPRC Click2Houston, Fonseca walked out of the Fort Bend County Jail later that Thursday night after posting bond, but she was clearly still fuming after feeling targeted.

Accoridng to the news station, she and state Rep. Ron Reynolds planned to hold a press conference Monday to discuss the injustices that she felt she faced.

‘We have to protect people’s First Amendment right to free speech,” Reynolds said. “A difference in political views does not give Sheriff Nehls the right to target citizens. These actions by Sheriff Nehls could be an abuse of his law-enforcement authority.”

“The alleged offense occurred 2014,” Fonseca’s attorney, Brian Middleton, said. “We don’t have an investigation or an indictment until July 2017. This all seems very conspicuous considering all this happened after she’s been riding around with the sticker.”


Fonseca’s trouble with Nehls started last week when a picture of the vehicle—which technically belongs to her husband, but which she clearly sometimes drives—went viral after the sheriff posted it to his Facebook page.

“If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you. Our Prosecutor has informed us she would accept Disorderly Conduct charges regarding it, but I feel we could come to an agreement regarding a modification to it,” Nehls wrote in his message, which was basically a thinly veiled warning.


The comment sparked outrage and backlash, with the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas issuing its own warning, reminding Nehls about the First Amendment.


From there, Nehls appeared to backtrack, insisting that he wasn’t threatening anyone.

Nonetheless, less than a day later, Fonseca was being booked in the county jail.

But Fonseca would not be swayed. And here we are, back to the beginning, with a bigger, bolder truck sticker.


When asked about the new sticker, Nehls said that he was “not surprised,” adding that he “thinks it’s disgusting.”


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Tyler D 67

Ok this lady needs to get citizen of the year award. And they need to fire that sherriff.