Texas Mom Drives Into Lake With 6-Month-Old in Backseat

Latonya Kirven
Latonya Kirven

Galveston police arrested an apparently inebriated Texas woman who allegedly critically injured the father of one of her children by driving over him and then driving into a lake, almost drowning her 6-month-old in the backseat, KHOU 11 reports.

Latonya Kirven, 30, was charged with driving while intoxicated with a child and assault with a deadly weapon after the Monday-afternoon incident, the news station notes

Matt Grey, 70, is currently in critical condition with a broken neck.

“My grandfather's arm is broken and his neck is broken,” Grey's granddaughter told KHOU 11.


Kirven and the baby were successfully rescued, unharmed, from the sinking vehicle.

According to the TV station, police reports indicate that Kirven got riled up during an argument with Grey before hopping into the car and running him over and then driving off. It is unclear whether the baby involved was the child she had with Grey.

Four teenagers who were fishing by the lake saw the car plummet into the water and tried to help the mother and child, only to find out that their help wasn’t welcome.

“I was struggling with her to get the baby from her,” one of the teenagers told the news station. “She wouldn’t give him up. She kept pulling him from me and putting him under water.”


Grey’s granddaughter said it was drugs that pushed Kirven over the edge. “Those drugs have got her mind. If she was herself, she wouldn’t have done it. Those drugs have her flipping out like that,” she said.

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