Rep. Peter Olson (R-Texas), left, during a mock swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 3, 2017, as the 115th Congress began. (Zach Gibson/AP Images)

U.S. Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) is proof that in the age of Donald Trump, Republicans will say anything, and by “anything” I literally mean anything, and only if you are called on it do you have to walk it back.

On Tuesday, Olson began his moonwalking after claiming—without evidence—that former President Bill Clinton admitted “to the murder of a deceased aide” and threatened former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the Texas Tribune reports.


During a June 9 radio interview that recently surfaced, Olson was discussing the infamous email-server tarmac meeting between the former president and the then attorney general. Olson claimed a real “sleep with the fishes” moment happened when Clinton met with Lynch. According to Olson, Clinton told Lynch that he was involved in the 1993 death of White House aide Vincent Foster and threatened Lynch with the same fate if she didn’t drop the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server.

“There is no evidence [Bill] Clinton said such a thing to Lynch, and every single official arm of the government that has investigated Foster’s death has ruled it a suicide, including the U.S. Park Service Police, the Department of Justice, the FBI, two independent counsels and the U.S. Congress,” The Tribune reports.

But when have Republicans ever let the truth get in the way of a good lie? Wack jobs have continued to insist that a pedophile ring is being run out of a pizza shop the Clintons have something to do with Foster’s death.

When the Tribune asked Olson what proof he had to make such slanderous claims, a spokesperson for the congressman provided the following statement:

The personal wreckage suffered by many people during the Clinton years is well documented. Just ask Paula Jones, Jim and Susan McDougal, Kathleen Willey and many others. However, in my discussion about Loretta Lynch and Vince Foster, I took the accusations a step too far. I regret my choice of words.

The fact remains Hillary Clinton broke the law, violated national security, and was excused away by Jim Comey and the Obama Justice Department. Most Americans understand this and loathe the Clintons for continuing to live under a different set of rules than the rest of us.


In short, “I made up a bunch of shit that wasn’t true, but what about those emails, though?”

Read more at the Texas Tribune.

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