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Clifford Hall, the 43-year-old Texas father who made national news after he was sentenced to six months in jail for delinquent child support payments, has exhausted all appeals and reported to prison.

What made Hall's case so intriguing was that a Texas judge found Hall to be in contempt of court and ordered him to prison even after it was clear that a clerical error had caused his payments to be delinquent and he'd since paid more than what he owed. 


According to ABC 13 News, when Hall discovered that the payments weren't making it to the child's mother, he corrected the situation and paid an additional $1,000. Hall's employer acknowledged that the error was its fault " … during the appeal process but not at the hearing in which Hall was found in contempt of court for late payments," the news station reports.

In Texas, family court judges can decide whether delinquent child support payers spend time in jail even if they have paid in full by the time they appear in court.

Judge Lisa Millard sentenced Hall to six months and did not respond to the news station's request for comment.

Hall turned himself in to the police on Tuesday morning and told the news station that he doesn't want his 12-year-old son to visit him in prison.


Read more at ABC 13 News.

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