Tessica Brown Debuts Healthy Head of Hair Months After Infamous ‘Gorilla Glue’ Hairdo

(-L) Tessica Brown reveals her new healthy head of hair. (-R) A screen grab of Tessica from her infamous inital TikTok video.
(-L) Tessica Brown reveals her new healthy head of hair. (-R) A screen grab of Tessica from her infamous inital TikTok video.
Screenshot: Instagram: Tessica Brown/ Tik Tok: Tessica Brown

If there’s anybody who’s had quite an unorthodox start to 2021, it’s Tessica Brown.


As previously reported here at The Root, Brown’s split-second decision to use Gorilla Glue on her hair earlier this year landed her in a whole world of hurt, both physically and online after her TikTok video explaining the situation went viral. But thanks to the helping hands of many strangers online and the gifted hands of a renowned plastic surgeon (hey Dr. Obeng), Brown’s tresses were finally freed! And now we have a first look at how they’ve grown!

Per Hollywood Unlocked, Brown posted a video showing off her new crown over the weekend, running her fingers through her new head of healthy hair in amazement. “It’s the hair for me,” she captioned, to which multiple users agreed.

“It’s growing so healthy, you look great!,” one user wrote. “Short styles really fit you,” another commented. And of course, the good doctor weighed in, telling Brown, “you look superb.”

I gotta say, it’s really good to see that this ordeal for Brown has finally ended on a positive note, especially after the disheartening revelation she divulged to The Root back in February:

“The thing is, it was affecting me before I even put it on social media,” she admitted. “I was in the house not eating, not sleeping. I was just on the internet trying to figure out what I could do to get this off my head. It took me a week before I even told my mom and my sister. I lost like, between 10 and 15 pounds. It was a bad situation. And then once I posted it, it just became worse. I was already down and then I posted it and folks were like ‘let me kick her a little further down.’”


She later added, “I said it in the video, it was a bad...it was a big mistake. I was just asking y’all what I could use to take this off and y’all just took it and brought it to a whole other level. The internet will hurt your feelings, really really bad. I can’t win with the internet, the internet is really undefeated.”



And with that, we closed the book on this whole incident...

... we did, didn’t we?