Terrell Owens Calls Jason Whitlock and Michael Irvin Uncle Toms, Offers Irvin ‘Powdered’ Doughnut

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The newest Pro Football Hall of Famer, who has no plans of attending his own induction ceremony, Terrell Owens, is currently involved in a hilarious Twitter feud with former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin and arguably the worst person to ever don a detective hat without a trace of irony, Jason Whitlock.


Recently Whitlock, the Hamburglar of sports journalism, and Irvin, a co-host of Fox Sports 1’s Speak for Yourself, were yapping about T.O.’s recent decision not to attend his induction ceremony into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

On Thursday, Whitlock claimed that T.O. was the worst teammate in football history.

Maybe Whitlock forgot about this:

According to SportsDay, Irvin wasn’t shy about voicing his opinion of T.O.’s decision to thumb his nose at the Hall of Fame because he wasn’t a first-ballot entry. Irvin had this to say on Thursday’s edition of NFL Total Access:

It’s not about the voters. Don’t give the voters the pleasure of knowing that they meant that much to you that when you finally got in, you’re not even showing up. And the whole while you campaigned about being in. When he did not get in, he and I were shooting a commercial together one time and he came to the commercial with a Hall of Fame gold jacket with all of his records on it. So you went and made a made-up gold jacket, but you won’t show up to get the real gold jacket? It’s something beyond my capabilities of understanding up here.

In truth, as much as I find Whitlock to be a baseless hack of old sports backwash and Irvin to be a loudmouth, they aren’t wrong. T.O. has every right to turn his nose up at the Hall of Fame, but he has to accept that he’s going to be heavily criticized for it. Calling T.O. the worst teammate in football history isn’t that much of a stretch.

Also, his comment that T.O. is giving voters too much sway by showing them that their decision-making hurt his feelings is true. T.O. absolutely wanted to be in the Hall of Fame, but he wanted to get in on his first try, and when that didn’t happen, he took his ball and went home.


On Saturday, in a series of tweets, Owens took jabs at Whitlock’s weight and Irvin’s reported issues with cocaine. Oh, and for good measure, T.O. called both Irvin and Whitlock “Uncle Tommers.”


To which Whitlock responded:


And then things went left.


A Twitter user pointed out that Irvin read text messages T.O. sent him on NFL Total Access:


And if there was any speculation to what a “powdered” doughnut might be, T.O. cleared that up.


So to recap, Whitlock would enjoy a doughnut date with T.O., who only wants to go if Whitlock can lose 100 pounds by Aug. 4. T.O. would also like to invite Irvin, but Irvin can only have the powdered doughnuts, and he’d like to call them Uncle Tommers during said doughnut date. I think that about sums it up.

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KC Complains A Lot

Calling TO the worst teammate in the history of football is a huge fucking stretch, my dude.

If you asked the people who played with TO, they would tell you straight up that TO was not a bad teammate. TO had some high profile blow-ups, but to insinuate he is the worst teammate of all time is misguided at best, and pure Terell Owens-Used-To-Play-In-The-Division-of-the-Team-I-Used-To-Root-For homerism at worst. Dude played on a broken leg in the Super Bowl and you don’t go out there and put yourself through that if you’re a shitty teammate.

People’s problems with Owens always stemmed from the fact that he was really goddamn good, and he was unapologetic, loudmouthed and black. In a sport that demands black players take their vitamins and say their prayers and be choir boys, TO was decidedly not that. And for all his acting out, you can probably count on one hand the amount of actual, literal stories of him being a shitty teammate to anyone but Donovan McNabb, and there’s a whole lot more Philadelphia players willing to line up and talk about how shitty a teammate McNabb was over Terrell Owens.

Just based on numbers and accolades, TO should’ve gotten into the Hall, and the fact of the matter is, they punished him for it. They punished TO for being one of the best receivers of all time and not being afraid to say he knew it. They punished him for assumptions they make about supernaturally gifted black men who don’t give a shit about appeasing people all the time.

Michael Irvin wasn’t just a cokehead, ya’ll. Michael Irvin legit stabbed his teammate in the neck with a pair of scissors. I’ll say it again in case you don’t understand; Michael Irvin stabbed a teammate in the neck because they wouldn’t get out of a barber chair and Jerry Jones had to broker a deal between his players so Irvin didn’t have criminal charges pressed again him. The dude has been arrested multiple times on drug related offenses. He’s got numerous sexual assault accusations. It’s not a stretch to imply that not only is Irvin not a great teammate (he fuckin’ STABBED A TEAMMATE and was using cocaine while playing and did I mention Michael Irvin STABBED HIS FUCKING TEAMMATE IN THE NECK WITH A PAIR OF FUCKING SCISSORS BECAUSE HE COULDN’T GET A SHAPE UP WHEN HE WANTED), he’s also a shitty person. And he’s remained employed on TV for years and he was a first ballot Hall of Famer.

TO committed no crimes, has no arrests. All he had was character issues”. And “character issues” in the NFL are notoriously bullshit.