Ten Things We Really Should Be Talking About


The Oil Spill

Another one In Michigan, not Louisiana. Almost 20,000 barrels of oil flowed into the Kalamazoo River when a pipe ruptured in southern Michigan on July 26. Enbridge, the Canadian company operating the pipeline, said more than 10,000 barrels had been removed so far. But an official from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency predicted the cleanup would take months. Meanwhile, back at the Gulf, BP engineers are testing ways to kill the submerged well.


The Latest on Immigration From Arizona

Tactical error Maricopa (Ariz.) County Sheriff Joe Arpaio timed his 17th "crime-suppression sweep," aka illegal-immigrant roundup, for July 30, the day the state's controversial immigration bill took effect. Arpaio stops people breaking minor laws, such as jaywalking, and checks their immigration status. Three illegal immigrants were caught in the latest raid. But 80 demonstrators went to jail as well when hundreds of folks protesting Arpaio's tactics delayed the raid by several hours.

Charles and Maxine


Not representing This is the season of trials and tribulations for two of the nation's most powerful African-American politicians. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., has been charged with 13 violations of House ethics rules. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., allegedly steered bailout money to a bank in which her husband owned stock. These cases are close, really close, to midterm elections. Frantic Democrats are watching the developments; so are leering Republicans.

Lindsay Lohan and Ellen Degeneres


They're out! Lindsay Lohan, for one. The actress spent only 14 days in jail for parole violation. She's serving the rest of her 90-day sentence as an inpatient at the UCLA Medical Center. Word is, she's none too happy because she didn't get to spend time with her mom and sis before checking into rehab. And Ellen Degeneres, for two, after she abandoned her seat as an American Idol judge. First Paula, now Ellen. Simon, was it something you said?

Lorenzen Wright


Lorenzen Wright, RIP Questions are swirling around the murder of the former NBA player. Wright's body was found in Memphis, not far from his mother's house, on July 28 after he'd been missing for nine days. Authorities are investigating the handling of a 911 call from Wright's cell phone. The dispatcher heard a man cursing, and the sound of several gunshots, but did not report the call for eight days.

Al Goodman


Farewell, too, Al Goodman His smooth baritone helped take "Love on a Two-Way Street" and "Special Lady" to the top of the R&B and pop music charts. Goodman, an original member of the Moments, the group that morphed into Ray Goodman and Brown, died from complications from surgery.

The Heatwave


96 degrees in the shade First 100 degrees and higher along the Eastern seaboard in July. Now temperatures in the 90s and 100s all over the South. Only North Carolina and the Florida Keys get some relief; their temps are in the 80s and 90s. Two words: sweet tea!

The Honeymooners


Whew, so many Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz had a ceremony on the French Island of Corsica, with New Age guru Deeprak Chopra officiating. T.I. and Tameka got married on Friday and Saturday in Miami, with a reception in Atlanta on Saturday, and a party in Las Vegas on Sunday. But the prize goes to Chelsea Clinton and Mark Mezvinsky. Their nuptials were so controlled, the guests couldn't even bring cameras. Perhaps this wedding planner should talk to the Obama administration and the Pentagon about plugging leaks.

Snooki's Arrest


Everybody is a star? Snooki, famous for being on the reality show Jersey Shore — and little else — was one of several cast members arrested for disorderly conduct. Not much to say, except this: Snooki, fame is fleeting, and your time is winding down.

Financial Struggles


Money, money, money, seriously African-American women don't have any, according to a study released by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. That $5 in your wallet represents the median wealth for African-American women ages 36-49. Contrast that with the median wealth for white women: $42,600. Now, that's something to talk about.

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