Teen Convicted in Death of Her Mom in Bali Is Now Accused of Trying to Sell Her Baby From Prison

Lynette Holloway
Heather Mack and Stella  
Courtesy of attorney Michael Elkin

A 19-year-old Chicago woman who is serving 10 years in a jail in Bali, Indonesia, on a conviction in the death of her mother has been accused of trying to sell her 3-month-old baby daughter for $150,000, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Lawyers for Heather Mack, 19, dismissed the allegation. She and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, 21, also from Chicago, were convicted in April of killing Sheila von Wiese-Mack, 62, while vacationing last August on the Indonesian island, the report says.


Schaefer was sentenced to 18 years in prison for battering Wiese-Mack, while Mack received 10 years for helping him, the report says. Meanwhile, she gave birth to the couple’s baby girl, Stella, in March.

Schaefer’s mother, Kia Walker, told Cook County Ilinois Judge Neil Cohen Friday that she’s worried about her granddaughter’s welfare, according to the Tribune. Cohen is presiding over the court case concerning Mack’s trust fund, in which her lawyers have been trying to help her win access to a $1.56 million inheritance. If she loses the trust fund, her baby is the likely beneficiary, the Tribune says.

One of Mack’s attorneys, Michael Elkin, said that the allegation is “absolutely not true” and “nothing more than a smearing campaign” and that, in fact, Mack is trying to do what’s best for her daughter, the Tribune reports.

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