Ted "Golden Voice" Williams was detained on Monday for getting into a verbal altercation with his daughter while in Los Angeles to shoot two segments for the Dr. Phil Show reuniting Williams with his family. Williams and his daughter Janey got into a shouting match in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel after Williams says he told her, "Shut the hell up and let me talk to your mother," after an argument began. Apparently his daughter "exploded," hurling fists, "jumping up in his face" and screaming at the top her lungs. Janey admits to jumping out of her chair and saying "Who the f—- you think you're talking to" after he cussed at her. Williams says that Janey threatened to sell the story, while Janey says that he called her a "fat b——" and he had consumed a bottle of Grey Goose.

In the words of Mister Señor Daddy Love, played brilliantly by Samuel Jackson in Do the Right Thing, "Time out!" These two need to take a chill pill and handle this privately. Why is Dr. Phil fueling the fire between Williams and his family, from whom he is admittedly estranged? He's a psychologist, so shouldn't he know better? Sobriety is a delicate thing, and this type of stress can only lead to a relapse. If this keeps up, Williams' dream of sobriety and success may become a nightmare. After that, a stint on Celebrity Rehab is sure to follow. Shaking our heads over here at The Root.

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