Tech Startup of The Week: Eateria Serves Up Digital Deals Based on Customer Loyalty

Eateria is the first digital loyalty platform that focuses on the restaurant, food and hospitality industry. The digital marketing platform gives restaurant owners the opportunity to measure the return on investment (ROI) on its social media marketing investments using unique promotions that can be tracked online, via email and social media, as well as with QR codes and text messages.

“We know that over 60% of restaurant owners work 60-80 hours in a week; they don’t have time for somebody to enter customer contact data collected in a restaurant or create an email template,” says Ola Ayeni, founder and CEO of Dining Dialog. “So we have managed services where we do all of the hard lifting for them.”


Eateria sends out marketing messages to restaurant-goers based on their on-the-go lifestyle, says Ayeni.  “If your preference is to receive text messages, that is all you will get because that is what you want. If you want emails, you will get that. If you are always on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter that is the only way you will be reached because that is how you spend your time.”

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