The Huffington Post is reporting that CNN will be the only cable network to air the "Tea Party response" to tonight’s State of the Union address:

"Traditionally, all the networks air the official State of the Union address, followed by the official response from the opposition party. This year, however, there will be a Tea Party response, given by Republican Michele Bachmann. The response will be aired on the website of the Tea Party Express group. As it happens, that's the same group that is hosting a Tea Party-themed Republican presidential debate with CNN later in the year."


While critics like Bill Maher have dismissed the Tea Party as no more than a rebranded GOP, CNN’s political director says it makes sense for the network to air Bachmann’s remarks because the Tea Party has become "a major force in American politics and within the Republican Party."

It’s probably a good idea to tune in and listen to the nontraditional bonus speech, whether your politics are left, right or … well, right of right. Like it or not, anyone who doesn't will miss out on approximately a third of tomorrow's political conversation.


Read more at the Huffington Post.

In other news: Ex-Cop Finally Sentenced for Torturing Black Men.

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