Congressman Keith Ellison

Here we go again. Over the weekend, the Tea Party Nation sent out an e-mail to Minnesota voters backing independent Lynne Torgerson over Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison. Who is the Tea Party Nation? The same group that sponsored the Tea Party convention earlier this year, headlined by Sarah Palin. The reason given for backing Torgerson over Ellison is that Ellison is a Muslim with terrorist ties. Not only are they being discriminatory, but they also lied about Ellison in the e-mail, which stated the following:

There are a lot of liberals who need to be retired this year, but there are few I can think of more deserving than Keith Ellison. Ellison is one of the most radical members of congress. He has a ZERO rating from the American Conservative Union. He is the only Muslim member of congress. He supports the Counsel for American Islamic Relations, HAMAS and has helped congress send millions of tax to terrorists in Gaza.

Grammatical errors aside, Ellison is not the only Muslim in Congress, and where is the proof that he has sent millions of tax dollars to terrorists in Gaza? The Tea Party is dangerous not only because of the people who are in it but also because of the rhetoric use, which is hateful, ignorant and uninformed. That is a dangerous combination that smacks of desperation. People actually wonder why folks think the Tea Party is racist. Disgusted over here at The Root.