Trump Friends and Foes Face Off in Berkeley, Calif., Leaving 21 Arrested, 11 Injured


Violence breaks out between the supporters of President Donald Trump Trump and anti-Trump protesters during a free speech rally in Berkeley, Calif., on March 4, 2017. (Joel Angel Juarez/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Protesters took to the streets in dozens of cities nationwide Saturday to call on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, both for transparency in his business dealings and for potential conflicts of interest.


And, for the most part, the “tax marches” in more than 150 cities across the country were peacable.

However, in the city of Berkeley, Calif., things went left as Trump protesters and “March4Trump” supporters got into violent scuffles that left at least 21 arrested and 11 injured, according to CNN.

Seven people were transported to the hospital in unknown condition, Berkeley Police spokesman Byron White told CNN, and “a large number of fights” and “numerous fireworks have been thrown in the crowds,” according to a statement. “There have also been numerous reports of pepper spray being used in the crowd.”

Trump supporters got the bright idea to plan a rally at noon to counter protesters who showed up a few hours earlier for the Tax March.


Police set up a barrier of orange mesh fence to separate the two sides in Civic Center Park, but that turned out to be a hot-ass mesh.

Video showed crowds spilling into nearby streets and bloodied people screaming all sorts of epithets.


Police donned gas masks as they used pepper spray on the crowd. A Berkeley station for BART, the mass transit system, was shut down because of the disturbance, according to CNN.


Police said that they confiscated prohibited items including hand-held flagpoles, a knife, a stun gun, helmets and signs, and flags attached to poles.

Of course our dear commander in chief dismissed the protests against him on Easter Sunday, saying that they were small (150 cities, bruh?) and paid for. He also said the election was over … which has absolutely nothing to do with his tax returns.


But @AynRandPaulRyan clapped back best:


Read more at CNN.

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