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Tamir Rice Investigation Drawing to a Close, Sheriff Says

Tamir Rice 
Tamir Rice 

Tamir Rice died almost six months ago, and just last week his mother, Samaria Rice, and her legal team publicly demanded answers as to how long an inquiry into the 12-year-old’s death would continue. CNN is reporting that on Tuesday, Cuyahoga County Sheriff Clifford Pinkney said that most of his department’s probe into the shooting of the Cleveland boy is done and provided a timeline of the probe.


Pinkney acknowledged that although his department took over the investigation in December, it did not begin the investigation “in earnest” until mid-February. He said that investigators were determined to leave “zero stones unturned” by the time they handed over their findings to prosecutors.

The investigative team has already looked over thousands of pages of documents and interviewed witnesses, watching “any and all” video footage available of the fatal shooting, which occurred in late November. However, there are still witnesses to be interviewed and other forensic evidence to be collected, the sheriff insisted, according to CNN.


“The majority of our work is complete,” Pinkney said. “We have been tirelessly working on this investigation.”

The sheriff did not say when the public could expect the investigation to be completed but said that it shouldn’t “drag out beyond what is reasonable.”

Tamir’s mother, however, appeared with her legal team at a news conference on May 4, demanding answers about the length of the investigation. “Less than a second and my son is gone, and I want to know how long I got to wait for justice,” Rice said.

Read more at CNN.

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