'Take Back the Capitol' Protests Continue


CNN is reporting that dozens of protesters staged sit-ins in front of lawmakers' offices Tuesday, and several hundred more camped out on the National Mall, as part of a new movement calling itself "Take Back the Capitol." Protesters are enraged over the possibility that Congress will not extend unemployment benefits.

The article states:

Borrowing language from the Occupy movement and drawing demonstrators "from Occupy sites from coast to coast," the movement says its goal is to affect congressional legislation.


"For far too long, Congress has been catering to the 1% instead of representing the 99%," the movement says on its website, 99indc.org. Protesters will push Congress to renew unemployment insurance and will focus on "other important budget and tax measures," the website says.

On Tuesday, protesters sat in at the offices of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and even protested at the political hangout Charlie Palmer's restaurant. Today protesters plan to shut down K Street, and there are plans for "speak-outs" throughout the capital, a national prayer vigil and a mass march on key congressional leaders.

Americans are letting lawmakers know how they feel about upcoming decisions, like possibly cutting unemployment benefits while extending tax cuts for the wealthy. So many people will be negatively affected if that happens, not to mention the damage that the economy will suffer. It is clear that many Americans want Congress to put aside partisan differences and make a decision that makes sense for all involved, as opposed to a small minority.

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