25 Things Overheard When Watching Girls Trip In a Hotel Room Full of Men During a Bachelor Party in New Orleans

This time last week, I was in New Orleans for Panama’s bachelor party weekend. I arrived Friday afternoon, and after the fellas already in New Orleans returned from the plantation tour, we gathered in Panama’s hotel room to kick it and determine our plans for the night. The TV happened to be on, and Girls Trip

6 Women, Endless Inspiration: Black Girls Rock! 2018 Reminds Us of Our Infinite Potential

“Tonight’s honorees represent our radiance and our royalty … Thank you all for showing the world how bright we shine and how hard we rock,” said Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond, speaking to the audience at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center during the Black Girls Rock! Awards, which aired on BET on Sunday…

Girls Trip Is the Most Hilarious and Heartfelt Dive Into the Complexities of Black Girlfriends

The bonds between black women are not something you can watch on reality-TV shows or easily catch on any TV shows right now, except maybe Insecure. (Shoutout to Issa and Molly!) Black women’s friendship is more than boozy brunches, epic catfights and screaming “Yasss Queen” to one another. I mean, don’t get me…