Yes, We Do Care: Michelle Obama’s Stylist and Several Designers Remind Us to Care About What We Wear

“It’s a jacket,” Melania Trump’s spokesperson said when the first lady chose to wear a Zara jacket bearing the words, “I really don’t care, do U?” last week. But as former forever first lady Michelle Obama’s former stylist Meredith Koop reminded us last weekend, first ladies never make unconscious fashion statements.

Melania Trump Not Only Wore a Dumb Jacket; She Had This Sage Advice for Separated Children: ‘Good Luck’

I find it rich that President Donald Trump’s mighty band of ravenous deplorables, aka Trump supporters, love to push this “Speak English” doctrine to those from other countries who communicate in their native tongues. Remember the asshat lawyer who went full “MAGA” at a New York City lunch spot because two workers…

Melania Trump Calls Secret Service on Peter Fonda After He Tweets That He Wants to Put Her Son in a Cage With Pedophiles: Report

No matter how sickening the White House may be—and trust me, I’m aware that it’s a putrid dumpster fire of chaos and hate—children are off-limits. On the eve of reports that President Donald Trump is finally going to end the practice of ripping away migrant children from their parents at the U.S. border, actor Peter…

Melania Trump Hates Seeing Immigrant Children Taken From Their Parents, but Not Enough to Tell Her Husband to End It

Melania Trump has a voice; she just chooses not to use it. In fact, when Ofdonald does speak, it’s usually to spout the lifted words from black America’s first-lady-until-further-notice, the great and incomparable Michelle Obama, or it’s to shout “Be best”—because that makes a lot of sense.