Madden 19 Scrubbed Curse Words and Colin Kaepernick's Name Off Video Game's Soundtrack

Colin Kaepernick’s name has been a hotbed of unchained blackness. It’s also been mentioned in the same league as some of the country’s most widely heralded civil rights leaders. In 2017, he was named GQ’s Citizen of the Year for his stance against police brutality against African Americans. In 2018, he was named

Don’t Disrespect Our Anthems: 6 Black Songs Off-Limits to Taylor Swift and Other White Musicians

When I first called the Department of Homeland Security to report Taylor Swift for suspected terrorist activity, the federal agents hung up on me just as I was explaining why I didn’t consider Swift’s remake of “September” an attack on the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire so much as I regarded it an assault on the…