A Community Reels After the Police Killing of 16-Year-Old Anthony ‘A.J.’ Weber in Los Angeles

There is a familiar grief ritual when a young person dies, especially from violence, especially in poor, black communities. It is communal, emotive and performative, as black people are wont to be, and much the same the world over. After news of the death spreads, people pour out of their homes to a common area—a…

An Open Letter to the Mainstream Media Covering the Death of Black People by the Police

The presence of news media at Wednesday night’s Town Hall in South Los Angeles to address the deputy-involved killing of unarmed 16-year-old Anthony “A.J.” Weber could’ve been a blessing. The grieving family and community had an opportunity to be heard on a national level. An opportunity to say or do what they needed…

Let There Be No Mistake: If You’re Outspoken and Black or Muslim, ‘They’ Are Definitely Watching You

Because I am predisposed to take everything with a grain of salt and was born with the inability to have delusions of grandeur, when friends and acquaintances tell me, “You know they are watching you,” I usually dismiss it with the same relative inattention I pay to accusations of reverse racism or white oppression.


A Closetful of Bad Decisions: Why H&M’s Misstep Is More Than a Poor Marketing Choice

Maybe we should’ve added “racist marketing at the expense of African Americans” to our list of things to leave in 2017, because H&M kicked off the new year by inciting mass rage Sunday, when an image on its website featured an African-American child model in a sweatshirt labeled “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.”