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T-Pain Is Over Auto-Tune. He Promises

T-Pain (Getty Images)
T-Pain (Getty Images)

Producer and rapper T-Pain has vowed never to use the Auto-Tune effect again, possibly signaling the end of a long-running trend in R&B and hip-hop music, reports.


Does this mean the return of actual, human-sounding voices? Not quite. He's just on to the next thing. He's vowed to ditch the Auto-Tune technology for his own new vocal processor.

"I'm onto something that I think is bigger and better called 'The T-Pain Effect," he said.


The Grammy Award-winning producer and platinum-selling rapper has partnered with Izotope, an audio-technology company, which is the exclusive provider of the new sound.

The Auto-Tune technology was created by Antares Audio Technologies. It's been used by artists including Cher, Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. But T-Pain made it so popular that he officially partnered with the company in September of 2009 to create the "I Am T-Pain" Iphone App, which allowed users to auto-tune their voices on their smart phones.

Now that his deal with Antares is over, T-Pain and Izotope are working to "directly evolve his sound" using proprietary vocal-processing technologies.

It's doubtful that fans who had a headache from Auto-Tune are going to find this new sound any less annoying. But we're not sure "Death of The T-Pain Effect" has quite the same ring to it as the original.


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