T.I. Will Curate New Atlanta Pop-Up Museum Dedicated to Trap Music

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A new pop-up museum in Atlanta will feature an exhibit dedicated exclusively to trap music—and none other than one of Atlanta’s most famous native sons, T.I., will be curating the exhibit.


As The Fader reports, the exhibit, which opens September 30, coincides with the 15th anniversary of T.I.’s Trap Muzik album. While Tip “T.I.” Harris’ work will certainly be featured in the show, the rapper will also showcase artifacts and art featuring 21 Savage, Rick Ross, Future, Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo.

There will also be a twist on an escape room—an “Escape the Trap” room, to be exact—where museum-goers will have to break secret codes in order to break free, writes the Fader.

In an Instagram post published on Friday, T.I. shared a promotional video for the museum which juxtaposes trap stars next to classic Renaissance and Greek artwork.

“Consider this just as much yours as it is anybody’s. This is your HOME just like it’s mines,” T.I. wrote. “Regardless of our personal differences or discrepancies. It is what it is... Trap Muzik wouldn’t be SHIT without ALL OF US!!!”


Some may consider T.I.’s role as curator a bit controversial—despite its name, Trap Muzik doesn’t much resemble the sound most synonymous with today’s trap music. (I consulted VSB’s Panama Jackson, who identified Young Jeezy’s first major studio album, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation, as a more explicit predecessor.) Still, trap—ubiquitous, influential and internationally-loved—deserves some “high-art” shine, particularly in the city that birthed it, and it feels right for one of the genre’s most passionate creators and advocates to curate such an exhibit.

Apart from curating the showcase, T.I. is starring in and executive producing the BET reality-TV show, Grand Hustle, which is essentially The Apprentice, just set in Atlanta and without that pervy, orange sack of leaking three-day old garbage.


No location has been announced for the Trap Museum just yet, but interested guests can sign up for more information and updates on the museum’s website.

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Some may consider T.I.’s role as curator a bit controversial...

No need to worry, Tip, I hear that Timothy Ann Burnside can help you out. She is white, has all the proper credentials also Chuck D and Reign Of April can vouch for her.