T.D. Jakes Slams the Christian News Site for Suggesting That He Endorsed Same-Sex Marriage

Jemal Countess/Getty Images
Jemal Countess/Getty Images

T.D. Jakes is not taking too kindly to being misunderstood.

The mega-church pastor posted a message on Facebook Sunday calling out the Christian News Network because, he says, the news website misconstrued his thoughts on same-sex marriage by suggesting that he now supports gay marriages.


During his appearance on HuffPost Live, Jakes was trying to take the onus off of the role of public policy in debates about gay marriages, by arguing that Jesus never used legislation as a primary tool to change the world. 

"Jesus never sought to change the world through public policy but rather through personal transformation," the post read.

"That's what I said and what I meant …. Nothing more and nothing less," the post continued, insinuating that what he said should not have been taken as an endorsement for legalizing same-sex marriage.

Jakes slammed the news outlet, accusing them of intentionally twisting his thoughts to draw traffic to their site. 

"Just because a so-called Christian publication chooses to misconstrue my words using lazy journalistic tactics to further their own agenda and draw attention to their site does not make their statements an accurate depiction of what I said or meant."

Ouch. He also said that he can't "force [his] beliefs on others by controlling public policy for tax payers and other U.S. citizens." 


Jakes also wanted to clear up what he had to say about "evolving" on the issue of same-sex message. 

"When asked about the "black church" and its role in ministering to gay people, I briefly mentioned ( we were running out of time) the word " evolved and evolving" regarding my approach over the 39 years of my ministry to gay people who choose to come to our services," he said.


"I simply meant that my method is evolving — not my message. I was shocked to read that this was manipulated in a subsequent article to say I endorsed same sex marriage! My position on the subject has been steadfast and rooted in scripture," he continued.

"For the record, I do not endorse same sex marriage but I respect the rights that this country affords those that disagree with me."


He was probably inundated with tons of phone calls and e-mails from black Christians who were shocked to hear that he might have endorsed same-sex marriage. This, if anything else, reveals how much black parishioners are against the issue. 

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