The Rhode Island School of Design is reportedly investigating after anti-Semitic graffiti made from human excrement (??) was found in a gender-neutral bathroom. (Y’all people with your “isms” and phobias are gross ... but we knew that.)

According to WJAR, students at the school were shocked and disgusted by the graffiti, which was confirmed to have been found in the dorm bathroom over the past weekend.


“You don’t know if it’s somebody who actually has a mental illness, or you don’t know if it’s somebody who’s just trying to play a prank or they actually are anti-Semitic,” Afi Goncalves, a student at the school, told the news station.

Regardless of what it was, school officials are not standing idle, and are slamming the act as one of vandalism and hate.

“This level of disrespect and vitriol is completely unacceptable, and RISD Public Safety is investigating it as both an act of vandalism and a crime of hate,” the school said in a statement.

The fact that the incident occurred in a gender-neutral bathroom also did not go unnoticed, especially given that President Donald Trump just reversed guidelines, made under the Obama administration, that had directed schools to permit students to use the restroom that coincided with their gender identity.


“That could be somebody’s safe space. So I don’t think that’s right in any bathroom, especially a transgender bathroom,” student Rory Hernandez said.

School officials reportedly met with the students on the dorm floor where the incident occurred, urging anyone with information about who was responsible to come forward.


Read more at WJAR.

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