Suspended Seattle Mariner Compared BLM to KKK, Unearthed Facebook Post Shows

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Steve Clevenger of the Seattle Mariners during a game April 21, 2016, in Cleveland
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Surprise, surprise. The man who basically said he is not a racist wrote a Facebook post in August disproving that point.

Seattle Mariner Steve Clevenger, 30, who was recently suspended from his team for a series of hateful Twitter rants after the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott by Charlotte, N.C., police—and gave a weird apology soon after—has apparently felt this way for a while.


In an August post from Clevenger’s deactivated Facebook account obtained by USA Today, Clevenger—in what barely passes for standard English—called the Black Lives Matter movement “a racial group no different from the KKK” and said that he’s mad at “our country that gives free Obama phones out while I bust my ass”—ostensibly riding the old trope about lazy blacks who get handouts.

USA Today reports that Clevenger’s comments came in a thread under a posting that originated from conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter.


He reiterated that he “come[s] from the inner city” and says he pays taxes “to watch these black lives matter group [sic] bitch that their [sic] treated unfair! They get shot holding guns and still protest. And people on here have the audacity to tell me that this country is great right now. Haha. What a joke."

He goes in on white folks who support Black Lives Matter. “Like I said before if [sic] follow BLM your [sic] trash to me. It’s a racial group no different from the kkk. But they allow them to tear down their own cities and violate white people with no consequences. And the reason is because there’s white people like you support them.”



We wonder what consequences the Mariners and Major League Baseball might levy in light of this new info.

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