Suspected Durham Cult Members Arrested


Durham, N.C., police arrested suspected cult leader Peter Moses Jr. and Vania Sisk after a raid last Tuesday in connection to a murder.

Moses — who is said to be the leader of the polygamist cult called the Black Hebrews — allegedly murdered Sisk's 5-year-old son, Jadon Higgenbothan, last October and ordered Sisk to murder 28-year-old Antoinetta McKoy. Jadon and McKoy have been missing for months now.

While friends and family have been desperately searching for Sisk's son, she has been doing her best to get them to back off, reassuring them that he's safe. According to court documents, Moses struck McKoy several times last year over the head and threatened to kill her if she left him.  

Because of a lack of physical evidence, Durham police have arrested Moses, 27, and Sisk, 25, on other charges in hopes of buying time to build a murder case. Moses faces several charges, including one count of second-degree kidnapping; Sisk was arrested on marijuana charges.


How does a mother allow a man to kill her son and do or say nothing about it? It's clear that Moses has brainwashed this woman, or else she's just as sick as he is. For the family's sake, we hope they eventually find the body so that they can get some closure from this tragedy.

Read more at the Daily Beast.

In other words: 4-Year-Old Served Alcohol at a Chicago Chili's.

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