Ricky Ricardo Chiles III
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The Milwaukee man suspected in the fatal shooting of two people after a traffic accident that took his young nephew’s life has committed suicide, the Daily Mail reports.

Ricky Ricardo Chiles III reportedly took his life with a single gunshot after officers tracked him down at the Presidential Inn and Suites in Lyon, Ill., Thursday morning. Chiles was a suspect in the shooting deaths of Archie Brown Jr., 40, and Rasheed Chiles, 15, Ricky Chiles’ older nephew.


Over the weekend, Brown hit and killed Ricky Chiles’ 2-year-old nephew, Damani Terri, with his van after the child ran into the street in front of the vehicle, the Daily Mail notes. Damani’s older brother, Rasheed, who was apparently trying to help his little brother, was also reportedly hit by gunfire at the scene and later died at the hospital, according to the Daily Mail.

The police think the 27-year-old shooter was attempting to get revenge for his nephew’s death. 


“This sad example is what we get when we have folks who decide it’s their responsibility to use their guns to redress their grievances,” Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said, according to the site.

Chiles had been prohibited from having a firearm because he was on extended supervision at the time of Sunday’s shooting. He was released from prison in August 2013 after a two-year sentence for a 2011 bank robbery in which he was the getaway driver.


Brown, who leaves behind four children, died at the scene after being shot in the head. According to witness statements, the driver was upset that he had hit the child and had stopped his car right away.

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