Surprise, Surprise: Former Arizona Cop Who Killed Daniel Shaver Was Previously Investigated for Use of Force

TMZ screenshot
TMZ screenshot

This is my shocked face. Absolutely no one could have seen this coming. But as it turns out, the former Arizona cop who was involved in the “execution”-style killing of Texas dad Daniel Shaver had previously been investigated for his use of force back in 2015.


TMZ got hold of the violent footage, which shows Mesa, Ariz., Police Officer Philip Brailsford and three other cops attempting to arrest two men at a gas station. While attempting to detain a group of teens, Brailsford is seen grabbing one of the young men and slamming him into a produce stand before grabbing the teen by his neck and slamming him to the ground.

Brailsford then pins the teen down with his body as he cuffs him. Two other officers were seen using a similar takedown on another suspect.

“Get on the fucking ground,” voices, presumably the officers’, could be heard saying.

One woman could be heard loudly protesting the officers’ use of force.

“You’re being so aggressive ... you’re punching them, throwing them around,” the woman could be heard arguing.

The two men were booked for criminal damage, aggravated assault and resisting arrest. TMZ referred to police documents which showed that Brailsford and the three other responding officers were investigated by internal affairs for using an “inappropriate amount of force,” but they were eventually cleared of wrongdoing.


Of course, Brailsford probably knows more than a thing or two about getting away without any repercussions, especially after he was acquitted of second-degree murder charges in Shaver’s shooting death.

After Brailsford was acquitted, video of Shaver’s last moments was shared, showing Shaver begging for his life and crying.


Several, including attorneys arguing the case, called the shooting an “execution” and a “murder.”


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Andrew Oppo

Let us all pray for the speedy removal of this man from this Earth.

I’ve never been one for bloodlust, but everything I’ve seen these past 5 years or so (aka when I, and the media, really started paying attention) has really been pushing my limits.