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Supermodel Naomi Campbell Testifies at Blood Diamonds Trial

Supermodel Naomi Campbell testified today in the trial against former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, who is accused of committing war crimes. She admitted to accepting a gift of uncut "dirty pebbles" when she was the guest of then President Charles Taylor in 1997. Prosecutors believe that the stones were blood diamonds. She testified that two strangers brought her the diamonds, not Taylor, and that she donated them to a Mandela charity. If Campbell thought they were "dirty pebbles," why would she "donate" them to charity? She also claimed that she had not heard of Liberia before. Really. A Brit from Jamaica who has not heard of Liberia? We liked Ms. Campbell when she posed for photos and didn't talk, because she sounds ridiculous. Yes, please get back to the runway.

Read more at AOL News.

—Nsenga K. Burton


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