Police keep watch as tourists carry their luggage to a tour bus near the pacified Pavao-Pavaozinho community, just blocks from Copacabana Beach, on April 23, 2014, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Excessive use of force by police in Brazil has left more 11,000 people dead over approximately five years, averaging six deaths a day, a public-safety nongovernmental organization reported on Tuesday, according to CBS and the Associated Press.

A study by the Brazilian Forum on Public Safety pointed out that the total number of deaths in Brazil—11,197—over five years was more than the total number of people killed by law enforcement in the United States (11,090) in the past 30 years.


"The empirical evidence shows that Brazilian police make abusive use of lethal force to respond to crime and violence," the report said, according to the study.

In 2013 more than 400 people were killed in Rio de Janeiro state alone, making it the country’s highest per capita rate for the year, the report notes.

About one person every minute—more than 50,000 overall—were killed in homicides in the country last year. Of those victims, almost 70 percent were black and more than 50 percent were between the ages of 15 and 29, according to the study.

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