Blacks watch a variety of films. (Thinkstock)

Our News Now is reporting that a new Black Entertainment Television study finds that 81 percent of the movies seen by African Americans don't prominently feature an African-American cast, lead actor or story line.

Matthew Barnhill, senior vice president of market research at BET Networks, said, "The African-American community has diverse tastes, an appetite for quality movies and entertainment that can range from blockbuster mainstream action films to African-American romantic comedies."


In the study, only three of the top films in 2010-11 mentioned by African-American moviegoers had a predominantly African-American cast or story line or a lead African-American actor. The study found that the genres African Americans spent the most money on were comedy, action adventure and romance.

We're glad that BET released a study about what we already knew: Black people see everything at the movies, not just films with black casts. A special note to Hollywood: This should not be interpreted as a reason to make fewer films with black casts. It simply means that black folks are open to many genres and films, regardless of race.

Read more at Our News Now.

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