Students Hid From Calif. School Gunman

Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images
Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images

One L. Goh, the suspect who police believe was responsible for a shooting spree that killed seven people at a small California Christian university Monday, was an expelled student who was upset about being teased over his poor English skills, police said Tuesday. He reportedly went to the school to find an administrator and then opened fire when she was not there.


Deborah Lee, who was in an English-language class, told she Associated Press, "The teacher said, 'Run,' and we run," she said. "I was OK, because I know God protects me. I'm not afraid of him."

Goh "then went through the entire building systematically and randomly shooting victims," Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said at a news conference. Goh forced a secretary into a classroom and asked people to line up, Jordan said.

"Not everyone was cooperative, and that's when he began shooting," he said. The dead included six students and the secretary, he said.

Goh, a 43-year-old Korean student who had reportedly planned the attack for several weeks, is thought to have been upset with administrators at the school,as well as with several students. "They disrespected him, laughed at him. They made fun of his lack of English speaking skills. It made him feel isolated compared to the other students," Jordan said.

Jordan said there were about 35 people in or near the building when gunfire broke out. Of the seven fatalities, five of the victims died at the scene and another two at the hospital. The wounded victims are in stable condition, and at least one person was released from the hospital. They were from various countries, including Nigeria, Nepal and the Philippines.

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