Actor Jaleel White as Steve Urkel

West Side Middle School prinicipal Bobby White has found a way to get students to adhere to his "no saggy pants" policy. Students who violate the policy get "Urkeled." Yes, it means that they are made to wear their pants like the iconic nerd character Steve Urkel of Family Matters fame. Students who are caught breaking the rules have their pants pulled up, sometimes to the middle of their chests, and fastened in place with a "twist tie," which cannot easily be removed. The school even has an "Urkeled" wall where photos of students who have been "Urkeled" are posted. Apparently the method works, because the embarassment of being "Urkeled" outweighs the prospect of being cool until caught. This principal, who is battling pop culture with pop culture, is winning. We guess this proves that if you can't beat them, "Urkel" them.

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