Members of the Concerned Student 1950 movement speak to a crowd of students on the campus of the University of Missouri in Columbia Nov. 9, 2015. Students celebrated the resignation of university President Tim Wolfe amid allegations of racism. 
Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Students across the nation joined together Wednesday in a mass protest to hold their universities accountable and demand an end to institutionalized racism on campuses.

In what organizers are calling #StudentBlackOut, student leaders on campuses around the country are encouraged to organize events that uplift blackness, one organizer, Yamiesha Bell, told NBC News. 

"We hope that black students organize and participate in actions that really challenge white supremacy and anti-blackness on their campuses," Bell, a student at the University of Connecticut, added. "Every school is [unique] and has different needs and wants; however, we know oppression takes place at every institution in this country, and white supremacy is embedded all through higher education."

A list of campuses that are participating, with links to their demands, has been circulating on social media. Schools include the University of Missouri, St. Louis University, Princeton University, Yale University, UCLA and Brown University. 


Tweets found under the hashtag show an onslaught of support, as well as videos of several rallies, walkouts and sit-ins, showing students banding together and chanting. 


Brandan Marshall, a supporter of the day of action, and a member of the Black Liberation Collective, which NBC describes as the "umbrella" for #StudentBlackOut, on Tuesday anticipated much of these kinds of demonstrations. "I am pretty sure we will see rallies, marches, walkouts and the occupation of presidents' offices," he said. "Students from across the globe are experiencing many of the same issues on their campuses, and Wednesday will display the collective experiences."


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