Student Goes Undercover With ‘Alt-Right’ Nazis for a Year and Reveals Some (Not) Shocking Information

Hope Not Hate via YouTube screenshot
Hope Not Hate via YouTube screenshot

There are some things for which we don’t need confirmation. And when I say “we,” I mean black people. There are many things that we know, even though we don’t know know.


For instance, a recent study revealed that people who eat french fries multiple times per week tend not to live longer. Did they need a study for that? I feel like they’re wasting our money now. When were they handing out study money? Who’s writing a check to see if french fries are healthy or if Trump voters don’t like black people? I can almost guarantee the study-money guy isn’t black, or he wouldn’t be making it rain on researchers to study shit we already knew.

Take, for instance, the guy in a New York Times report who went undercover with the “alt-right” for a year and found out—you might want to sit down for this—the alt-right is really racist!


Actually, I just wanted you to sit down because you looked uncomfortable standing up while reading, because no one was shocked in the least by what 25-year-old Patrik Hermansson found when he traveled around the world to go undercover with the extreme right. Like I said, white guys get all the easy jobs. When I was in graduate school, I worked at Arby’s, and this motherfucker gets to travel around the world hanging out with racists to find out if they are racist. Life isn’t fair.

Hermansson found out that the extreme movement is global and that it is recruiting young, white people to grow the movement. In one clip, Hermansson showed footage of Jason Reza Jorjani—an executive on the board of the AltRight Corp.

“Our original vision was the alt-right would become like a policy group for the Trump administration,” he said on camera. Jorjani, the roommate of noted white-person-who-was-punched-in-the-face Richard Spencer, said they had people inside the White House and “the interface was Steve Bannon.” He also said this:

It’s gonna end with the expulsion of the majority of the migrants, including [Muslim] citizens. ... It’s gonna end with concentration camps and expulsions and war at the cost of a few hundred million people.


Hermansson is using a lot of the footage and his experience to create a documentary with the group Hope Not Hate. I should type an explanation about how the group fights racism globally, but you probably already knew that.

If not, you can watch the trailer for the movie below. I’m headed out to write up a proposal for a study that shows eight out of 10 people prefer brown liquor, marijuana and my aunt Phyllis’ fried chicken. The other two people were ...


You already know.

But now you know know.

Here’s the video:

Read more at the New York Times.

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Dear Media,

Could we please cease-and-desist with the terms “Alt-Right,” “Neo-Nazi,” and “President Donald Trump” and call them what what they are: white supremacists, Nazis and white supremacist, Nazi Donald Trump.

One of my hard-line social rules is you don’t get to create a euphemism to obscure who you really are, people who deal with you know the truth, so stop trying to lie.

Your continued use of “Urban” and “Low-Income” when you just want to say black isn’t fooling anybody either. It’s always the ones screaming about “Political Correctness” that are the worst offenders of the practice. If you’re so convinced that your message is so great, why not be honest about who and what you are??