Stop Calling the Police on Black People Just Because You’re Annoyed; You’re Gonna Get Someone Killed

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White people get really indignant over the smallest of things, especially when it comes to black people. They are easily offended by the little things we do, and they take extra offense if we don’t immediately fall in line and do what they say after they have taken their precious time to “scold” us about it.


As of late, we’ve seen many instances where our failure to do what they say as soon as they say it has led to their calling the police on us.

Let’s be honest—the police have been weaponized against black people, and white people will use the cops as their trump card (pun intended) when things aren’t going their way.

Despite the fact that calling the police on black people can result in black death, white people continue to do this simply because they can.

White people will unnecessarily escalate a situation just like the police will. It is a repetitive cycle.

Our latest example of this in action comes from an incident that happened at the Grandview Golf Club in York, Pa., on Saturday.

As reported by the Associated Press, Myneca Ojo, Sandra Thompson, Sandra Harrison and three other black women met up for a round of golf. Also on the course at the time was former York County, Pa., Commissioner Steve Chronister, who was playing golf with his son and the club co-owner, Jordan Chronister. You can probably already tell where this is going.


Thompson, who is an attorney and head of the York NAACP, told the York Daily Record that as she and her party were on the second hole, they were approached by the elder Chronister—who came up to them twice and complained that they were not keeping up with the pace of play. Thompson said that was untrue and that the Grandview golf pro told them they were doing fine, as they were keeping pace with the group that was ahead of them on the course.

Even with that reassurance, the women skipped the third hole just to prevent any further confusion.


After the ninth hole of golf, it is customary to take a break before continuing on to the next nine holes, and that is exactly what the women were doing when they were approached again by both Chronisters, this time accompanied by several white male employees of the golf club.

This time, the men told them that they had taken too long a break after the ninth hole and needed to leave the course. The women stood their ground and told the men that they had not taken too long. They pointed to the men in the group behind them, who were still enjoying their beers.


Thompson said that all the women involved understood how golf etiquette worked. They are members of a group called Sisters in the Fairway that has been around for a decade. They are all experienced golf players who have played on courses around the world.

Unfortunately, this was entirely too offensive for the indignant white men, who informed the women that the police had been called.


Northern York County police showed up and spoke to everyone involved. No arrests were made.

After the incident, Jordan Chronister’s wife and co-owner of the club, J.J. Chronister, told the York Daily Record that she had called the women personally to apologize for the incident.


“We sincerely apologize to the women for making them feel uncomfortable here at Grandview; that is not our intention in any way,” she told the Daily Record. “We want all of our members to feel valued and that they can come out here and have a great time, play golf and enjoy the experience.”

J.J. Chronister said she hopes to meet with the women in the future to discuss how the club can use what happened as a learning experience and do better in the future.


Here’s an easy tip: Stop calling the police on black people just because they aren’t doing exactly what you say when you say it.

That would be a great start.

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Barry Block

White people get really indignant over the smallest of things, especially when it comes to black people.

Look, I’m on this site because I’m aligned with (most of) the views expressed here, and I clicked on this headline because it’s absolutely on point. But I do not understand how that opening sentence is helpful.