Facebook Murder Suspect Steve Stephens’ Ex-Girlfriend Joy Lane Breaks Silence

Steve Stephens (Cleveland Police Department)

A manhunt is on for Steve Stephens, the Cleveland man who allegedly posted to Facebook video of the killing of 74-year-old Robert Goodwin Sr. In manifesto videos, Stephens mentions that his motives for killing people involve his ex-girlfriend, a woman named Joy Lane, authorities say.


In an text sent to CBS News, Lane broke her silence:

We had been in a relationship for several years. I am sorry that all of this has happened. My heart & prayers goes out to the family members of the victim(s). Steve really is a nice guy... he is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children. This is a very difficult time for me and my family Please respect our privacy at this time.


Although Stephens claimed to have killed more people, the only death reported so far was that of Godwin. Early Monday morning, the Cleveland police issued an aggravated murder warrant for Stephens.

As reported by CBS News: “In a statement Sunday night, Facebook said the suspect did go live on the social media site at one point during the day, but not during the killing. Police earlier Sunday had said that Stephens had broadcast it on Facebook Live.”


Stephens is said to be traveling in the vehicle pictured below:


Police said Sunday night that the search for Stephens now includes Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan. A cellphone ping to Stephens’ phone last showed him in Erie, Pa.

“He is considered armed and dangerous, so we want people to be careful out there,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said.


Read more at CBS News and CNN. 

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