Steve Harvey to Flint, Mich., Resident: ‘Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass of Water’

President Donald Trump and Steve Harvey (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump and Steve Harvey (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The marginally talented mustache who makes millions screaming, “Survey says!” used the Flint, Mich., water crisis as a punch line for a joke on his radio show Wednesday morning.


According to MLive, The Steve Harvey Morning Show took a call from a Flint resident who said of the Cavaliers’ NBA Finals loss that “Cleveland didn’t deserve jack.” This apparently incensed Harvey, a former Ohioan, and fan of the Cleveland team.

Apparently, Harvey’s love for his basketball team outweighs his empathy for the victims of the poisoned water supply in Flint, because he lashed out at the caller, telling him to “enjoy your nice brown glass of water.”

Even the people in the studio with Harvey thought the remark was in bad taste. “You’re out there now,” his co-host can be heard saying on a YouTube video that recorded the conversation. “Reel it in, man. Go ’head and apologize, Steve.”

But you know how Harvey is. He didn’t apologize when rumors surfaced that he was so jealous of Bernie Mac that he tried to get Mac kicked off the Kings of Comedy tour. He didn’t say “my bad” when he met with the Trump administration to solve America’s inner-city housing problems, even though Harvey has no expertise in sociology, urban planning or being funny.

He hasn’t told his talk show employees that he was sorry for telling them to shut up, stay as far away from him as possible and avoid all eye contact. He still hasn’t apologized for that awful, misogynistic, fifth-grade piece of amateur psychology entitled Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man (because, ladies, obviously, thinking like a lady will get you nowhere).

I’m still waiting for his mea culpa for trying to convince us that the awful toupee he wore for years was actually a hairpiece. I want a letter of forgiveness for the ill-fitting, Jolly Rancher-colored, 138-button suits that every black church deacon wears. Hell, can I just get the 52 minutes of my life back for when I watched that bullshit talk show of his?


To be fair, Harvey did say, “I wasn’t talking about the city of Flint; I was talking about him.”

But then he doubled down on his unfunny insult, saying, “He gon’ call in and say Cleveland don’t deserve jack, and he over there bathing in all that silver water.”


But please don’t be angry at Steve Harvey for turning the misery, poisoned children, cancers and other lifelong health problems into a throwaway punch line because he was upset about a basketball game. It was just a joke.

Just like Steve Harvey.

Read more at MLive.

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Why is he still a thing? He’s been useless and toxic for years.

Who the hell takes advice about marriage from a man who’s been married three times?

Steve Harvey is just plain trifling.