Steve Harvey Held His Very Own ‘He-Man Woman-Haters Club’ Meeting

Steve Harvey
Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Neighborhood Awards
Steve Harvey
Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Neighborhood Awards

What could possibly go wrong when you gather 2,000 men to air their grievances about women? Well, apparently Steve Harvey has become the official president of the “He-Man Woman-Haters Club,” based on details that have emerged about a recent taping for an upcoming Steve Harvey special.


Last week in Chicago, Harvey taped his two-episode special titled “What Men Really Think,” and one comedian in attendance provided some interesting details about what transpired. And it was nothing pretty.

According to Gawker, Chicago comedian Timothy Dunn was amazed at what happened and wrote on Facebook about the experience:

Over a hundred women were seated onstage, and when they got up to speak they were catcalled. This resulted in the warm-up comic asking the men to stop catcalling, as the vibe in the room had become “too rapey.”

When women skyped in to ask Steve for advice, their image was displayed on large screens, which men would either catcall or groan at based on the women’s looks. And like, if you looked at the guys groaning, spending a night with any of these women would be the absolute best night of their lives.

During a segment about how often men want sex, a young man got up and mentioned that he is sometimes too tired from work to have sex with his girlfriend. He was immediately booed and had homophobic epithets yelled at him.

During the same segment, a woman got up and described a time when she didn’t want to have sex because she had just finished a tiring road trip. In that time, she was first catcalled, then booed, ending with a man yelling “you haven’t done your duty!” in response to her story.

To end that segment, Steve said it should be the woman’s decision whether or not to have sex. Only the women onstage, the comedians in our row, and a few other men throughout the theater applauded that statement.

Over the last several years, Harvey has successfully rebranded himself as a relationship expert, and it seems as though people are really buying into his shtick once again. Other people in attendance said that women were referred to as “bitches” and other derogatory terms. During a recent podcast, comedians Bryan Duff and Tyler Samples noted that women were visibly uncomfortable and that the atmosphere seemed “rapey.”

One has to wonder what footage will actually be used when the show airs Sept. 8 and 9. Maybe Harvey should stick to cracking jokes on Family Feud instead of holding club meetings for men who obviously hate women.