Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors celebrates during an NBA game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Feb. 27, 2016, in Oklahoma City.
J. Pat Carter/Getty Images

Two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry didn't hesitate when he was asked for whom he was voting in this upcoming election.

"Hillary," Curry, the star point guard for the Golden State Warriors, said during a question-and-answer session Tuesday night at TechCrunch in San Francisco, the Mercury News reports.

Curry also noted that while he planned to stand during the national anthem when the NBA season starts, he supports Colin Kaepernick's decision to protest.

"I'll most likely stand. If you follow the way he talks and the message he's trying to send with his act, from his mouth, he's not disrespecting veterans. He's not disrespecting military. That's not his intention. He's obviously continued the act to create a conversation for more social justice and things of that nature," Curry said, Mercury News reports.


He continued, "I've been a part of certain conversations off the grid, and finding different ways to make our community better, especially for African Americans. And so, that's not the way that I would do it, but I support him in his attempt to start a conversation or continue the conversation."

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