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Stacey Abrams, Who Came ThisClose to Winning Georgia Governor's Race, to Deliver Democratic Response to State of the Union Address: Report

Illustration for article titled Stacey Abrams, Who Came iThisClose/i to Winning Georgia Governors Race, to Deliver Democratic Response to State of the Union Address: Report
Photo: Jessica McGowan (Getty Images)

Reports are swirling across the internet that Stacey Abrams, who ran as the the candidate against Republican Brian Kemp for governor of Georgia during the 2018 midterm election, has been tapped to deliver the Democratic response to Donald Trump’s State of the Union address before Congress next week.


MSNBC host Chris Hayes tweeted Tuesday afternoon that “a reliable source” told him Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called Abrams personally three week ago to ask her to deliver the speech.


The Washington Post also reported that Abrams would deliver the response.

Democrats had high hopes for Abrams, who ran in a highly-contested race against Kemp, who was serving as Georgia’s secretary of state at the time and was in charge of the election. Many questions were raised about voter suppression in Georgia, especially when Abrams eventually lost the race by a narrow margin.

Abrams was the most searched for politician in the United States in 2018, and there are talks that she may run for the U.S. Senate in 2020.

This story is developing and will be updated as more details come in.

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Wow it’s like The DNC finally realized that it’s base was black women and decided to acknowledge this. What will all The Bros who swear that Bernie is the most popular politician in the country think? More to the point who gives a fuck. Go ahead Stacy, show them what they are missing in Georgia.