Stacey ‘Google Me’ Abrams Says She’ll Run Again, Was Most Searched Politician in US This Year

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Stacey Abrams continues to let the people know she’s not taking her foot off these Republicans’ necks and will be running for office again.

It might not be a bad idea—Abrams was the most Googled politician of 2018 in the U.S. People are checking for her, and for good reason. While declining to concede the Georgia governor’s race prematurely, she refused to let her opponent Brian Kemp and his voter suppression go unchecked, and she made it clear that she’d go to great lengths to make us re-examine the way we monitor and handle these elections.


From Fortune:

“Yes, I will run again,” she said, to cheers, before a ballroom of executives at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Next Gen summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif. “Now, if you could all move to Georgia…”

“We don’t know what really happened because of the miasma of voter suppression,” she said. “There’s something worse about [that lack of clarity] than knowing you just…suck.”

A funny thought: Even though she was clearly joking—because she has integrity!—convincing a whole convention of people to move to her state and vote for her would still be less egregious than what Brian Kemp did to the election process, by several orders to magnitude. Maybe she should be careful—Brian Kemp’s ass is probably taking notes.

According to Fortune, Abrams touted her campaign’s great success in motivating people to go to the ballots.


Then, per Fortune, “She waited a beat before adding: ‘And yet.’”

And yet. It’s clear that the political landscape still holds a charge, that this election had an impact, that Abrams is rightfully disinclined to walk away from, and good for her. We hope she stays ready to check these fools if they keep trying to steal elections.

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.

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Not Enough Day Drinking

I’ve said it for years.  If George Soros was the political mastermind the right made him out to be, instead of paying us all thousands of dollars a month to write comments on message boards, he pay a few thousand people to live in Wyoming and vote.