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St. Louis Woman Filed Complaint Against Police, Then Stole Investigator’s Gun: Report

Latoca Davis (St Louis Police)
Latoca Davis (St Louis Police)

A St. Louis woman has been charged with felony stealing after authorities say she went to the city’s Civilian Oversight Board to file a complaint against the police and ended up stealing an investigator’s gun while in the building.


Latoca Lashai Davis, 27, went to file an undisclosed complaint against police on Thursday when officials say she was caught on video-surveillance cameras stealing a gun out of the office of one of the investigators, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. The circuit attorney’s office has charged her with one count of felony stealing.

The gun, a Sig-Sauer semi-automatic pistol, was kept in a bag in the office of investigator Aldin Lolic, officials say.


A police spokeswoman told the Post-Dispatch that the department won’t say what type of complaint Davis was filing at the time of the alleged theft, saying that the department does not comment once the circuit attorney’s office files charges.

One has to wonder how anyone could have known the gun was in the bag or how long Davis was left alone in Lolic’s office in order to, as authorities charge, go snooping and find the gun in the first place.

I’m also curious as to what would have possessed anyone to take the weapon, and if there were surveillance cameras, were they present in the investigator’s office, too? If not, how did police know Davis allegedly had the gun on her when she left? Was it out in the open? Was the gun being waved around?

In any case, as bad as stealing is, I think that, if convicted, Davis will be deemed a legend for being bold enough and bad enough to steal a gun from a police investigator.


Read more at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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