Spike Lee to Host $38,000-Per-Ticket Obama Fundraiser


It looks like President Obama's war chest for the 2012 elections will receive some hefty deposits on Jan. 19.


Legendary filmmaker Spike Lee will host a $38,000-per-ticket fundraiser for Obama that evening in New York City. Earlier that same day, the president will hope to leave a few pockets with lint as he hosts a dinner at a four-star restaurant.

The event, to be held in Lee's brownstone in the pricey Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, will hold only 60 people, and couples will be charged $71,600. 

Lee has been both a critic and a supporter of President Obama during his roller-coaster ride in the White House but seems dedicated to fighting for his re-election. "It's going to be tough. It's going to be a fight," Lee told the Hollywood Reporter last summer.

With the amount of damage that Mitt Romney showed he and his super PACs could do to Newt Gingrich's campaign, President Obama had better prepare himself for the fight of his life — because despite the Republicans' inability to find a consensus front-runner to date, when they do find one, they will put all the people and money behind him that they can.

Read more at the Hollywood Reporter.

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