Spike Lee to Executive Produce Upcoming Derek Jeter Documentary, The Captain

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“The Captain” is back.

Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter retired from Major League Baseball in 2014. In the time since, he’s aided hurricane relief efforts by donating furniture; in addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars, he’s become part-owner and chief executive officer of the Miami Marlins; and he’s watched as legendary athlete after legendary athlete has been immortalized forever with thought-provoking documentaries that celebrate their lives and legacies.


And now, after patiently waiting his turn, ESPN has announced that the five-time World Series champ will finally get his due with a six-part documentary aptly titled The Captain.

From ESPN:

ESPN Films today announced a multi-part documentary series that will tell the story of one of the greatest icons in modern sports and reveal the man behind the icon. Derek Jeter’s arrival with the New York Yankees helped transform a struggling franchise into a storied dynasty, all within a time of great change in New York City. As Jeter forged a Hall of Fame career, he established himself as the model Yankee both on- and off-the field, with his style, class, and charisma. Jeter’s commitment to winning came with a rare combination of competiveness and cool, traits he has taken with him into retirement as he tackles new tests as a team owner and executive with the Miami Marlins and as a father. As he prepares to enter Cooperstown this July, he is pulling back the curtain to reveal what it was really like to be “The Captain.”

To sweeten the pot, The Captain will be executive produced by a fellow New York legend: Oscar award-winning filmmaker Spike Lee. It will also use Jeter’s journey as a vessel to explore larger societal issues such as race, community, family, rivalries, and more.

On Twitter, Emmy-winning director Randy Wilkins expressed his excitement at helming the project.

“I’m incredibly honored & proud to announce I will be directing ‘The Captain’,” he tweeted. “Spike Lee is executive producer and the producers of ‘The Last Dance’ are on board. This is a dream come true.”


In a subsequent tweet, Wilkins assured baseball fans that the project is in the perfect hands.


“I never thought I would be given the responsibility to tell Derek’s story,” he tweeted. “I take great pride in this. I won’t get too deep into this now, but trust me, this will not be a baseball highlight package. We’re going to tell a robust story that extends beyond the field.”

The Captain is scheduled to premiere on ESPN and ESPN+ in 2022.

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One has to assume that Boston fans will be featured prominently (loudly and negatively) in this mini series.