Spike Lee Calls Out George W, New Book Tries to Explain Prince and More

Spike Lee (Getty Images)

Spike Lee calls out George W. Bush for Katrina response: After being awarded a Peabody Award for his documentary on post-Katrina New Orleans, Spike Lee had some sharp words for the former president on his handling of the situation ("It took the United States government five days to come to rescue of its American citizens … there was a typhoon in Sri Lanka, and we were there in 2 1/2 days, we were there, and that's halfway around the world, and yet it took five days for the United States to show up in New Orleans, and to this date, it's never been explained why.")

Are Republicans losing their grip on reality? Between wishing away problems (climate change and the need to pay the costs of running the government) and letting prejudice trump fact (Obama might just be Kenyan-born or a Muslim), Slate says that Republicans either pretend they believe a lot of things that aren't true –- or, worse, they really do.


New book dissects Prince's life and legacy: In "Prince: Chaos, Disorder and Revolution," U.K.-based music writer Jason Draper dissects Prince's life and music from 2004 on, answering questions about the mysterious musician (for example, why exactly did he change his name to a symbol?). He talked to Black America Web about his findings. 

Al Roker joins the Wiggles: Dressing like a bunch of grapes was all in a day's work for the Today-show host. Watch the video.

In other news: Another NBA Gay Slur.

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