Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child. Or Nah?

Adrian Peterson (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Adrian Peterson (Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

The NFL played a whole slew of games on Sunday but the recent worst week ever that the league has experienced was at the forefront of it all. And it should be. Real issues that plague society at large are plaguing the league. The recent case of and his indictment for whippin' his 4-year-old child's ass with a switch to the point of actual injury is one of those issues. I've had various conversations with people about this over the past few days and many opinions have varied. Some people think its perfectly fine to whip kids with switches and its ridiculous (no matter what) that AP could see jail time. Other's think that hitting your kids is not an acceptable form of punishment at all.


As a parent, I'm not completely sure where I stand. Lucky for me I have a daughter and what I won't do is be whippin' my daughter's ass. I just can't do it. Sure I'd pop her hand or something but naw. I do think that a 4-year-old is a bit young to be going the switch route. Either way, this isn't even really about me.

On Sunday, and during the Sunday NFL Countdown pre-show, Cris Carter kind of went off about the Adrian Peterson situation and added a wrinkle. He effectively said that many of our parents who whipped our asses, were wrong. That its not the right form of punishment for kids. We've learned too much over the years to still be resorting to that method of punishment.

That's an interesting way to look at it and a sentiment that I also agree with to a point. Some of our parents (I'm not saying mine necessarily) went waaaaaay too far at times. Extension cords, broomstick handles, etc. The list goes on. Some of the things people whip their kids with is borderline assault.

I don't want to know if any of you all intend to beat the living shit out of your children, though I do understand thats just how a lot of us were raised and the mentality transfers down towards one of, "well, I turned out great BECAUSE my parents did xyz…" But I'm curious how people react to Cris Carter's statement and thoughts on the AP case now that more details have emerged. I'm assuming AP feels he did nothing wrong, but I don't want to speak for the man and I'm not even sure how I feel. Though if that child is legit injured because his football playing father couldn't stop himself from literally tearing him up, then I would lose no sleep over his punishment, whatever it may be.

The kid is 4.

Anyway, peep the video. Then Talk to me.

Spare the rod, spoil the child….or nah?

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Most of the people "talking" about this issue are hovering over and never really landing on the fact that AP bruised, welted, and made his son bleed. Causing physical injury to a child is abuse, whether or not it was intentional. Period. And for that reason, I'm glad they've indicted AP. Let the legal system teach him how NOT to handle his child, if he can't restrain himself.

It makes me so angry to hear people excuse abuse with "I came out okay" when so many of us are anti-therapy anyway. I just can't.

ETA: AP could be either charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child. The latter charge comes with a minimum sentence of 180 days. I think, given the fact that he is remorseful and the fact that he *should have known* his discipline was injurious, negligent sounds fair. He doesn't need to burn for this.